You can find concrete5 blocks, packages and other addons we developed here.

Concrete5 blocks and other addons

Please contact support before doing any purchases. Unfortunately (or luckily) we are buried with work and don't have enough time to update addons for the latest versions of concrete5. We don't have time to appropriately update this old website as well :-)
concrete5 block: current date

Free concrete5 block: Current Date

This concrete5 block allows to display current date and/or time in chosen format.

concrete5 add-on: random block

Concrete5 add-on: Random Block

With this add-on you can display one or several blocks from a certain scrapbook collection.

concrete5 block: twitter search

Free concrete5 block: Twitter Search feed

This block shows twitter search results on specified query.

concrete5 addon: random testimonial

Concrete5 addon: Random Testimonial

This addon allows to display random testimonial on concrete5 pages.

free concrete5 block: recently edited pages

Free concrete5 block: Recently Edited Pages

This block displays a list of pages most recently edited on the website.

concrete5 addon: RSS news lists

Concrete5 addon: RSS News Lists

With this addon you can create and manage RSS feeds on your concrete5 website.

free concrete5 social bookmarking plugin: ShareThis

Social bookmarking block: ShareThis

This concrete5 block displays ShareThis button (Social Bookmarking) just like the one you see under the list of concrete5 blocks on this page.

free concrete5 block: Retweet button

Concrete5 block: Retweet button

This block displays tweet button with a number of retweets using TweetMeme service.

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