This concrete5 addon allows to create and manage RSS news feeds.

concrete5 addon: RSS News ListsConcrete5 Addon: RSS News Lists

This concrete5 package allows to create and maintain RSS News Lists.

You can create several RSS News Lists and just tag news with the lists you need. For example, we are going to have 3 lists (for now) here: 1 will include all website news, another will include news regarding new concrete5 addons and blocks and the third one will include news related to new concrete5 themes. So when adding a news item about this addon release, we'll just tag it with 'All news' list and with 'concrete5 addons' list. And that's all. Our customers can decide whether they want to subscribe to all news, or just updates about concrete5 addons.

RSS is perfect for SEO. Google and other search engines love RSS, because it allows them to be always aware of the new content. So it is pretty useful to post new RSS item when you create a new page or modify existing one.

For demo, please visit this page:




Managing RSS News Lists
Adding RSS news post
New blocks
Adding subscribe to rss button
Showing news

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Support for this addon has been discontinued. Most likely it is incompatible with versions of concrete 5.5 and newer
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