concrete5 is a superb cms system. It can work for any project. But of course, it's not a ready2go website platform, because almost every site requires some custom coding to be done. You may need to perform a slight adjustment in some of c5 blocks, or possibly you will need to rewrite most of the functionality to make the site work in your way. Any site over the web is individual and we are ready to provide you with the best customization service to achieve the best results for you and your intended audience.

We offer commercial customization service for concrete5

concrete5 is very flexible and allows you to customize it in the way you want. If you feel yourself like a fish in a water, this system is for you. And what if you don't know php? It's not a matter to disappoint, we can help you build your project at affordable price within acceptable timeframes.

Our development team members are experienced in php projects and have built many websites. We do even have our own cms which is currently in development phase. If you are not a php specialist, then you might want to hire someone more professional to perform the work and bring you a working solution for your concrete5 system.

How it works

Here is a short description of the service we offer:

The first step is a quote request. You should fill a form on our website and describe there details of the project you'd like to perform with us. Please note: the more details you specify, the more accurate estimation you'll get and therefore you'll save much time for yourself avoiding discussion. Of course, we'll have to ask some questions to make surewe understand each other correctly. Once again, we should point out that discussion of details before the project saves much time for you and us when the project is started and delivered. Details might influence the way we implement required functionality. So if you want to get the most optimized solution for your goal, describe everything you want and expect.

The next step: our sales manager will read your request carefully and will provide you with estimated project cost. If some questions arise, you'll be asked to clarify the details. It's up to you to decide if the price is acceptable for you. There is no obligation to start the project if you don't like the price. You'll be also provided with estimated time of arrival for the project.

If you confirm the price, you'll be asked to pay 50% of the project cost. Once you have paid, the project is scheduled. and you are provided with regular progress reports.

Finally, when the project is delivered, you should review it and pay the remaining 50% of the project cost. We provide 90 days warranty for concrete5 solutions we develop on your request. If you notice any bug or design flaw, don't hesitate to contact us and ask for correction. Troubleshooting and bugfixing activities will be scheduled at the first opportunity (it will be started not longer than in 3 days since your bug report is received)

How much does concrete5 customization cost

Custom development projects are estimated in effective hours our engineers will most probably spend on the tasks. Each hour costs $30. If the project takes less time than originally quoted, you'll receive a discount on your remaining 50% of the payment. Note: the price can only be decreased during a project, but never increased. So you can feel confident that you won't have to pay more than was described in the project quotation response.

What if I want to customize concrete5 by myself?

If you feel yourself confident with php but not familiar with concrete5 you might be interested in our concrete5 support service. Please note: you'll be charged for each minute the tech support engineer spends on your request (of course, only effective time counts), so you should decide for yourself what is better for you: order custom development or perform modification by yourself.


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