Twitter Search is a free concrete5 block that allows to embed twitter search results into pages of your concrete5 website.

Free concrete5 block: Twitter Search

With this concrete5 block you can show twitter tweets on specified query (keyword or phrase) on your web pages.

Configurable parameters:

Keyword or phrase - the block will show tweets for this query

Number of tweets to show - you can choose any number up to 15 (the maximum number of tweets the block can display)

Refresh time (or time to live for the cached results) - this block supports caching, so it doesn't connect to twitter server every time the page is opened. Results are refreshed after period of time (in seconds) you specify when add the block.


This page displays tweets having 'concrete5'.


  1. Download the concrete5 block.
  2. Extract the contents to concrete5 root directory (so 'twitter_search' will go into 'blocks' folder)
  3. Go to 'Add functionality' section in admin dashboard and install the block.

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