Concrete5 plugin adding ShareThis social bookmarking block.

Free concrete5 social bookmarking block: ShareThis

This block adds ShareThis button (from popular social bookmarking service), just like the button you see on this page below the text.

Some people may say that this block is useless, because you can add the ShareThis code with HTML block. But that wouldn't be totally correct. This block does have some advantages: if you add ShareThis javascript code via HTML block, you'll have problems changing it's position. And another advantage of ShareThis addon is that it remembers the code you used the last time so you don't have to copy/paste the code each time you add ShareThis button.

How to install this concrete5 block:

1. Click here to download the block.

2. Extract the archive to concrete5 directory.

3. Go to Dashboard -> 'Add functionality' and click the 'Install' button.


You can add style description for .swp-sharethis in order to add padding, border, background, or anything else.

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