Welcome to SmartWebProjects.net! Here you can find commercially provided service for concrete5 cms, we'll also offer some mods, solutions and hacks for c5. Please check back our site regularly as you may find many useful information about your favorite content management system.

We install, customize and optimize concrete5 for you

We are glad to see you visiting our website. Most probably you've found us by following a link or searching for something related to Concrete5 cms. Most of our services are commercial, i.e. not free, but we'll have some free stuff as well to contribute for the community of such wonderful software as concrete5.

Our team is a bunch of several experienced PHP developers who were amazed by the power of concrete5 cms. This content management system allows almost everybody to have a website in the way he or she likes. Of course, some basic knowledge is required to install or customize the software. For those who are having difficulties this site has been created.

If you face with any problem installing, customizing the functionality or theming concrete5, you can have professionals do the work for you. Please use the contact form on the website to get in touch with us (click the animated banner 'Contact Us/Request Free Quote' you see on the right). We'll provide you with a reply as soon as possible. Usually it takes no more than just 1-2 hours for us to reply if we are online, sometimes when the issue needs some more brainwork, we may need more time for response.

What is concrete5?

If you don't even know what is concrete5 but want to build a site, then you must learn about concrete5 as it might be an ideal solution for your website.

concrete5 cms has been developed by Concrete Inc. development group. Its official site can be found at www.concrete5.org There you can download the software and read about all the advantages it can offer: superb WYSIWYG editor, easy-to-use interface and many other features.

concrete5 is a magnificent software and one of the best website toolkit solutions we've ever seen. But of course there is no anything universally ideal that suits needs of everybody. Some people may need just to apply their own design, some may need to customize the core functionality for some purpose. Our mission is to help concrete5 spread around the web and to help people to  have their concrete5 website working in the way they want.

Dont' hesitate to request free quote for any service you might need. Our services:

Concrete5 installation - as low as $50 per site

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