This free concrete5 block allows you to display current date and/or time in a chosen format.

Free concrete5 block: Current Date

This concrete5 block displays current date and/or time in a chosen format. Administrator can also setup time zone offset (in hours) if a server time is different from the time needed to display.

To install this concrete5 block, do the following:

1. Download concrete5 block here: Download

2. Extract the archive contents into concrete5 installation directory.

3. Go to admin dashboard.

4. Go to 'Add functionality'.

5. Click 'Install' button for the 'Current Date' block. If you don't see it, you might have done something wrong on previous steps. You can contact us for support and assistance.

6. Once the block is installed, you can go to website pages and add 'Current Date' block to any area available within a theme.

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