Vistalicious is a popular wordpress theme originally developed by It is available on conditions under GPL compatible license, so we went ahead and converted it to free theme for concrete5 cms.

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vistalicious - free theme for concrete5 cms

The theme initially has been released by Daily Blog Tips  for wordpress blogging platform and has won a popularity among wp users. The design is clean and simple. Nothing excessive.

We converted the theme for concrete5 cms and hope it will find some interest within intended audience.

How to install vistalicious theme

1. Download zip archive by clicking on the download image.

2. The archive contains a single folder - 'themes'. It should be uploaded into root directory of your concrete5 installation. Please note: there are 2 folders in concrete5 named so: 'themes' and 'concrete/themes'. You should put the contents of 'themes' directory into the first one, otherwise it won't be plugged-in by the system.

3. Open dashboard of your c5 website. Then go to 'Pages and Themes' section. If the first steps are done correctly, the new vistalicious skin will be available for install.

4. Click install button. It should be finally there. Activate the theme and enjoy using.

Some more info

The theme supports 2 page types: left sidebar and right sidebar (right sidebar is the default behavior)

To create titles in the sidebar, use h2 style in content block.

To edit welcome text modify 'elements/welcome_text.php'

If you have any questions, contact us.


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