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Concrete5 themes: primepress. Free download.

Primepress is a concrete5 theme based on popular wordpress template of the same name. Currently we have implemented 2-column layout with main content area on the left and sidebar area on the right.

This skin looks very similar to default concrete5 template, by the way.:-)

To install this theme, do the following:

1. Download this concrete5 theme. See button above. And yes, the download is free.:-)

2. Extract archive to concrete5 installation folder, so the 'themes' directory contents go to 'themes' folder of the concrete5 root directory.

3. Go to dashboard and open 'Pages and Themes' tab on the left.

4. You should see 'primepress' below the list of installed concrete5 themes. Click 'Install' button.

5. Activate the concrete5 skin (use 'Activate' button) if you want to apply design to all existing pages, or set design for each page individually (when you are on the page in edit mode, you should see 'Design' button in the top navigation bar, by clicking this you will be able to set a theme from the installed concrete5 templates)

If you find any bug, design flaw or have any idea for improvement, don't hesitate to contact us.

Please check also: Concrete5 Themes. Free download.

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