oriental is a free concrete5 skin based on wordpress theme by pure-essence.net Since all wordpress themes are released under GPL, we decided to convert some wordpress templates into concrete5 themes. The theme has been downloaded over 30,000 times by wordpress users, so we hope it will be popular among concrete5 users as well.

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oriental theme - free concrete5 skin

The theme has been taken from wordpress site and then converted into concrete5 skin as contribution to c5 community. It's popular on wordpress, so maybe it will have some success among concrete5 users as well.

The oriental skin should work for small or medium websites without complex structure. It has a sidebar on the left and the content block on the right. Only one page type is available by default. You may request extra page types using the contact form and we'll possibly implement suggested improvements in the theme. Remember: only you make us improve the themes. Let us know if you like the concrete5 skin or not.

How to install the oriental concrete5 skin:

1. Download zip archive from this page.
2. Extract the archive contents right in your root concrete installation folder (so the content of 'themes' folder goes into 'themes' directory respectively)
3. In the dashboard, go to 'Pages and Themes' section and install oriental skin.
4. Choose 'oriental' as preferred design for your pages (visit page, get into edit mode, then click on Design button and select oriental theme) or Activate the theme in 'Pages and Themes' section to apply its design to every page of your website.

If you face with any problem installing the concrete5 skin, we can do it for $5 (note: if you require customizations to the theme, it should be quoted separately)

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Original theme by pure-essence.net
License: GNU GPL
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