Desk Mess Mirrored is one of concrete 5 themes we converted from wordpress templates.

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concrete 5 themes: Desk Mess Mirrored

Desk Mess Mirrored is another interestin wordpress theme that had caught our eye and we decided to bring it to concrete5 community as a new concrete 5 theme.

Desk Mess Mirrored has nice navigation (like reminder stickers) and sidebar. 

To install Desk Mess Mirrored, do the following:

1. Download the concrete 5 theme package (see button above).

2. Extract the archive to 'themes/ ' directory of concrete5.

3. Go to concrete5 admin dashboard and open 'Pages and themes'.

4. The skin should be available for installation there. Click 'Install'.

5. Once installed, you can click the 'Activate' button to apply theme design to all existing pages in your concrete5 website and make the concrete 5 theme selected by default.

If you don't like this theme, we encourage you to try other concrete 5 themes available on our website.

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