atahualpa is a theme originally developed for wordpress. It has outstanding popularity rating on wordpress website and we decided to convert it into free template for concrete5 cms.

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free template for concrete5 cms - atahualpa

atahualpa is a light 3-column free template for concrete5 cms. Easy to read the text, it is one of the best solutions for websites having more text to be read by visitors.

To install the theme do the following:

1. Download zip package from this page.

2. Upload the 'themes' directory to your concrete5 installation directory.

3. Log in to website dashboard.

4. Go to 'Pages and Themes' tab.

5. Click 'Install' button for the atahualpa theme.

6. Activate the theme to apply its design to all pages.

If you face with any difficulties installing the theme by yourself, we can install it for $5.

For more concrete5 themes go here.

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