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Settting default blocks in concrete5

January 26th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

When you set up a website you’ll most probably have some blocks that are repeated from page to page. There is no need to create a new block each time you add new page. It can be done through Page Types functionality of the great cms called concrete5. So, let’s say you need to have some content in the sidebar that is repeated on every page, here is what you should do to save your time:

1. Log in as admin of your concrete5 installation.
2. Open ‘Dashboard’.
3. Go to Page Types section.
4. Click on ‘Defaults’ button of the necessary page type.
5. Concrete5 will redirect you to the page where you can get into editing mode and add blocks that you want to be created on the page type pages by default.
6. You can also set default permissions the same way.
7. Once you exit editing mode and click ‘Publish changes’, default settings will be applied and every time you create a new page with that page type, it will have pre-defined set of blocks and permissions.

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