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concrete5 addon Tables 2.2 released

Mostly this is a bugfix release, it covers several bugs with complex field types like image, file and rich text editor.

Here are some details on the update:
Bugs fixed:
– In Tables 2.1.1 if you try to edit the image or file field, the "Choose file" option didn’t work in file manager, you had to reset the field and select the file again. Fixed;
– in earlier versions, if the table had fields of image/file field type and rich text content, the rich text editor’s buttons to choose file/image got broken if you previously chose a file/image for file/image field. Fixed;
– the ‘Insert link to page’ button didn’t work properly in rich text editor. Fixed;
– earlier, if you add a column of some non-default field type to a table with some data, the fields of that column in existing rows would have a default (text field) field type. Fixed;
– the scrapbook block field type could throw an error if you try to choose a block and the scrapbook had any content block with some links, images or files in the content. Fixed;

Minor improvements:
– If you turn the simple edit field into rich text editor, the content of the field shouldn’t be lost now (that works only for this conversion);
– if you import a csv file, the data is being imported as rich text content field if it has any HTML tags;
– the rich text content field type now stores the data in database almost exactly like the concrete5 default "Content" block does. It means that you will not have to edit the links any time you change the page handle.

The Tables addon at concrete5 marketplace: http://www.concrete5.org/marketplace/addons/tables/

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