Disallow to list concrete5 directories

October 26th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Some people might have noticed that Google sometimes indexes websites’ directories even though that was not supposed to be shared. For example, if you install concrete5, the /themes, /packages, /concrete and other directories might get indexed by Google. Also, some malicious people can open that directories and view the list of its contents, for example, they can see what packages are installed on your website if they type the URL in browser like yourdomain.com/packages/

To prevent bots and people from viewing directories without index file the following trick can be used:

Open .htaccess file in the root concrete5 directory. If it doesn’t exist, just create it. Add the following line:

Options -Indexes

This will not allow to list the directory contents, for example, you will see nothing if you try to see what packages are installed on our website: http://www.smartwebprojects.net/packages/

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